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Dear Prospective Club Member:

Greetings from the Maple Summit Snowmobilers. Please allow us to tell you a few things about the snowmobile trails and our club.

TRAILS -- The Maple Summit Snowmobilers have taken on the responsibility for creating, maintaining, and grooming the trails from County Line Road (which is the road where Seven Springs Resort's main entrance is located) to North of Ohiopyle State Park and in Ohiopyle State Park.  All of the bridges, drainage, and landscaping you ride over is created and maintained by our club members at considerable cost. We spend an average of $2,000 a year on trail supplies, building materials and tools in order to clear the trails of any downed trees and brush, remove rocks, plant grass, even out rough areas of the trail caused by erosion or previous year riding and erect trail signs. This is a year-round project.  While we are very grateful to Seven Springs for permission to ride on their property, they do not build or maintain the snowmobile trails.  We also plan, build, and maintain the legal access trails into Tahoe Lodge and the main resort.

TRAIL INSURANCE -- Many of the trails on which you enjoy riding pass through private property.  We have made legal agreements with the six private landowners on the trail so that we can have a continuous snowmobile trail for everyone to enjoy. We are very grateful to all of our landowners for this permission. The private landowners do require us to insure them for this privilege. This year it cost over $1,800 for this trail insurance. Maple Summit is responsible for the entire cost.  These private-land trails connect Laurel Hill State Park, Laurel Ridge State Park, Forbes State Forest,and State Gameland 111. With access to these lands, we can legally ride from just south of Rt. 30 to just north of Ohiopyle State Park. This gives us over 150 miles of legal snowmobile trails! We have an excellent working relationship with our friends in the DCNR and the Pennsylvania State Snowmobile Association.

GROOMING -- Our club is also very involved in trail grooming along with the DCNR.  The Maple Summit Snowmobilers spent over $13,000 to purchase a used trail groomer which has been named The Blue Monster. We also spent several hundred hours to make upgrades and repairs. The DCNR only pays for the fuel.  We receive $320 from the State each year to operate the groomer. While this amount certainly helps and is very much appreciated, it does not cover all of our annual operating expenses when you calculate in the cost of fuel, parts, insurance as well as the initial purchase price. All maintenance work and operation is done by volunteers.  The groomer operators do not get paid but rather donate their time and effort to keeping the trails in rideable condition.  We operate the groomer on weekends, holidays, and evenings.  Whenever the trails are rough and a volunteer is available, we will groom.

All of our expenses are paid from club dues, fund raisers and donations. All of this work is done by volunteers. We are asking you to help us continue our work by joining the Maple Summit Snowmobilers club and helping to make the trails nicer and the club better. Our club members enjoy many year-round social events including cookouts, parties, picnics, charity donations and safety training. Please consider joining the Maple Summit Snowmobilers club and/or making a monetary donation.

 PLEASE HELP US HELP YOU!   Additional information may be obtained by contacting:

Chuck DeWalt (412) 469-9175
Dave McCarty (724) 519-7093
Todd Harcum (412) 680-8415


T Club membership dues are $20.00 per year for each person (18 years or older).  Any child under the age of 18 is automatically a member as long as one parent is a paying member.

T Our Club's purpose is to promote friendship and good snowmobiling among all riders.  Members are encouraged to attend monthly meetings held at 7:30 p.m. on the first Saturday of every month (September April) at Chuck Dewalt's cabin. Children are welcome to attend.  



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